"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

November 23, 2009

chicken scratch 2

I decided to up load a few more of the scans of my chicken scratch. I like these two much better. I worked them using a blue color from my floss box that was in a tangle. The light double cross stitch is the base for the weaving in this photo. All the floss is three strands. The abstract stitching was done following the lines or crossing the blocks of the squares.

I have been enjoying this form. I can see that there are many other ways that this form of stitching could be used. One of the things that I would like to explore further is to use these stitches on an evenweave cloth.

I can remember seeing and doing this stitching when I was a youngster. I am not sure of the name of the company that the kits I worked was, but I know that they did in-home parties to demonstrate different stitching forms. My mother still has many of those pieces of work.

Again here are some more stitches. I think that they are based on several different photos that I saw while browsing the web. I have seen so many interpertations of this form over the last few weeks.

I enjoyed re-learning these stitchs, it took me back to my childhood and made me feel so youthful. Working the stitches brought back good memories. My favorite one is of working a lovely yellow gignham pillow with a rooster pattern. It was one half of a set...the other was a chicken.

This memory makes me smile because I was stitching it as we rode around on my parents pontoon boat. The sun and sweet air come rushing back as I sit here and think about it. It makes me nostalgic for my parents home.

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