"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

March 30, 2010

Pin Pillow Exchange sent, bathroom finished and a b-day wish

Well, I did it... I put the pin pillow in the mail. I will post some pics when i hear that it has arrived at its final destination.

I am going to post some pictures of my DD #2's bathroom. It is the upstairs bath and since she is the one living up there it is "her bathroom".

the view from the door

to the the left

The dual stage toilet and basin sink (the sink sits on a custom made stand, topped with white carrara marble,  that my SM made and I made the curtains for with DD#2's help)

note the lovely co-ordinated soap pump and trash can.

Teh vanity that was custom made by my SM. It is also topped with carrara marble and the DD#2 and I made the curtains. Again you will note the co-ordinated bath items. DD picked out her bath accecories Tissue cover, toothbrush holder and cup (she is using the cup to hold her cotton swabs) as well as trash can and soap dispenser. Her rugs are a lovely beige and her towels are a nice deep rose to co-ordinate with the floral print on the curtains. Finally she picked out a small lamp to sit on the vanity. Its shade matches the towels fairly well.

And last but not least.... The Shower Pod....
This shower has it all....
a rainfall shower,
a handheld shower,
6 body jets,
a foot massage and
an FM radio.
We could also hook up a phone line and a CD player to the unit. (A bit of overkill there)
It looks like an alien pod when all of the lights are on. LOL

Oh and a last Note: 
Your momma luvs ya!!!!
20 years ago
You entered my life and made it brighter!

March 22, 2010

Second Day of Spring

I am so glad that Spring has arrived. We have been lucky enough to have beautiful weather here in CNY. We are curently snow free (KNOCK on WOOD).
DD#2 and DS
shoveling us out after the last February snowfall.

it is amazing to me that we have gone from so much snow just a few weeks ago to this...
The first blooms of SPRING
Jack posing in the sunshine. He wasn't quite sure what to think about the fact that he could run through the yard again.

I have felt so much better within the last week. I know that a lot of it is due to the sunshine and our mini-heatwave. It was above 50 F for 4 days this last week. I still kept the wood furnace stoked since the nights were down in the lower 30's F. The daylight hours were lovely. I was able to sit out on my enclosed porch and sip my morning coffee and not freeze my tush off.

Besides enjoying the weather we were busy working on refurbishing the upstairs bathroom. DD#2 is living at home and since we had the plumbing already run up there...it was there when we moved into the house 16 years ago...we had a plumber come in and make sure that it was okay to use. It passed the inspection and we have spent three weeks updatine the fixtures. With a new toilet, a basin sink and a space-age shower I wonder if the DD will ever decide to move out...LOL I will post some pics when we have it all set up and ready to go.

For now I hope that all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying Spring like weather. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere I hope that your Autumn is a joyful time of harvest and plenty.


March 17, 2010

Biscornu and Sissors Fob

I have been very busy over the last month. My SM and I have been doing some remodeling of my home. Since we have been together he has almost completely remodeled the first floor of my house. I have helped him when I was able, but he has done the majority of the work. My DS has learned quite a lot from the SM. He can now drive a nail straight and has learned how to hang drywall. By far the DS enjoys the de-construction the most.

Over the last month my SM hired a handyman/electrician/plumber to help him on several projects. The first project the two of them tackled was to remove 1/2 a wall to open up the kitchen into the livingroom. It was a bit messy but it was doen within 2 weeks. Since the house is over 100 years old (built in 1906) we have been suprised a time or two as we worked. For once the suprise was a plesent one. The wall we were taking down was thought to be a supporting wall. It turned out not to be!!!! YAY!

Taking down the wall

Getting ready to put in the beam

looking from the livingroom to the kitchen

I love my granite counter top
a bit blurry but these were the cabinets above the counter that we repurposed and built a toekick for. They hold all of my spices.

So that was the first project for the end of February. Since wer had to move several wires my computer was down quite a bit. I wasn't able to post as we worked so now I am playing catch-up.

We have began working on putting in a second bathroom. It is up-stairs directly above our old one. All of the pipes have been up there, but as far as I know they had never been put into use. Soooooo...the handyman has been going through and making sure that they are sound. So far we have only had one leak that was promptly repaired. The HM has also been working on the electrical. We are replacing all of the old wire (circa 1930's) with new. We actually have more than one outlet upstairs now!!!! (I will be able to move my sewing room up there soon!!!!

So...lets move from construction on my house to that I have been onstructing with my needle. I was given the oppertunity to stitch up the March Fob and Biscornu from "A Girl as Mad as Birds" I had a lot of fun doing this quick stitch. I spent about 3 hours total on it. I sould have had it finished earlier, but last Saturday I was up at Fort Drum to seem m DD#1. She is off to parts unknown and I was able to see her off. (sigh!!!)

Without further ado....
 This is a scan of the finshed stitchings.
Here is the front of the stitched and finished fob and Biscornu,
and here is the back.

I hope that you all will go over to Nic's blog and check out her other patterns. She sends them out via a PDF for free with a request from you...However I hope that all of you give a small donation, as per her request, to the MS Trust here. It is a very worthy cause!

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!