"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

September 28, 2012

getting over the embarasment

I started this blog awhile ago so that I could connect with others who love fiber art.  Unfortunately I got into a funk and not much has been done here.  Part of that is because I have not really done any stitching over the last few months and also because I felt that all of my posts should have photos. That was a problem because I had no camera to take the photos.

Well, as I have continued to stumble through Blog Land I have come to see that not every post out there has photos. (Kudos to those who have photos on every post!!) Any whoooo I realize that I need to get  off my fanny and actually take the time to write about what I am doing with my crafts.

As I said there has not been a lot of stitching going on here. I had one major finish in the last few months that you can check out here. Since then I have not really been working on much in the way of fabric arts. I have been busy with getting things around here into something that resembles sanity. (does that ever truly happen?)

That's all for now, Blessed Be!