"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

April 12, 2010

Pics long over due

I have to appologize to the two lovely ladies that were my partners in the pin pillow exchange that was sponsered by Becky over at BeckyBee's Stitching Hive.

I recieved a lovely sampler pin pillow from Sara over at Sara's Simple Stitching. here are my pics:


I am not sure what count the cloth is or what kind of thread was used. I love that the stitches are so even and neat. I wish I had the patience to work with backgrounds this small.

As for the pin pillow that I made, I mailed it out just before the Easter weekend. Ellen over at Fannie's Place recieved it and asked me to post some pics since she is not able to at this time. So here we go:

I have only taken a picture of the frount since the back is the pink satin that you can see peaking out from the spaces of the Hardanger.  I came up with the design after reading some books to learn how to do this type of stitching. For this being only my third time doing Hardanger work I feel that it came out very nicely. 
Designer: Tina
Fabric: 22 count white Hardanger
Thread: #5 and #8 DMC Perl Cotton: White
Stitched By: Tina

As for what else I have been working on, Well, Not much. The last few weeks have been a bit hectic. My DS partisipated in the State Compition with the Winter Percussion Ensamble. The School took second place. His younger Sis and I went and watched the compition. I must say, Bleachers are still the most uncomfortable thing to sit on. My poor backside ached for several days afterwards. (Is that TMI?)

In addition to running halfway across the state to watch the performances, closer to home I have been busy with gardening and such. As of yet I have not planted anything, still haven't reached the Last Expected Frost Date for Central New York. I have been slowly working my across my .95 acre to pick up all of the fallen branches and to clean up some of the deadfall trees (they will help heat my home well next winter) so that in a week or so I will be able to runn the lawn tractor over it with fresh new blades in the mower and not have to worry to much about the new blades being destroyed.

The days have been sunny and warm for the most part. the one day that we had rain here I did spend some time at my sewing machine. This is what I worked on:


My Snow Friends wall hanging is slowly taking shape. I am using blocks from the "Dear Hannah" program from Electronic Quilts. I am making the pieced blocks 3" x 3" and will be putting another strip of fabric between the blocks before I sew them together. I chose to paper piece the blocks because they are TINY, TINY  pieces and I wanted tehm to be very accurate. So far I think that I have accomplished this. (the thing that they are pinned to is a slab of foam insulation taht we had leftover from the upstairs bathroom remodel. I plan to cover it with some white felt soon and it will be my permanent design wall.)