"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

December 25, 2010

Such a wonderful Christmas

It has been a lovely, wonderful day. We woke around 8:30 and got the ham and potatoes all ready to go into the oven. while we waited for Nana to get up (and warded off the kids pleas to open their presents) we enjoyed na nice fresh cup of Coffee. It is so nice having most of the kids here for Christmas.

I was happy to hear that my oldest, Angel, who is serving in Afghanastan, recieved her Package on Christmas Eve. She was able to call and briefly let us know that it had arrived and she got to wish us all a Merry Christmas. It made me miss her all the more.  Still, I was glad to hear her voice and the excitement in her voice made my heart happy.

The other three kids were all here and filled with high spirits. It has been a while since I knew that they would enjoy the presents I had chosen for them.

 DD#2 got part of her gifts last month, She needed winter tires for her car and with all of the snow that we have had it is a good thing that I we got them at the end of November. The rest of her presents were all car themed...welli n an obscure way...We got her a cute winter hat with ear flaps and ties. We told her that it was part of the car theme because it would keep her warm while she was out scrapping the snow off her car this winter. She also recieved a gift card to help buy a new car radio. overall the Auto was heavily featured in her ensamble. Nana got her a Wallyworld giftcard

DS recieved several gifts that all tied together as well. To begin he recieved a video camera. along with this he recieved 2GB of RAM for his laptop and a microphone that plugs into his computer. These went along with the program we got him. It is a video, music editing program. I hope that he will enjoy these. He aslo recieved a gift card for some movies from Nana

DD#3 got a Kindle, protective case, screen protector and a giftcard for some books. She also got two sweaters tht wse have to exchange. I am still buying for an 11 year-old...she is now 15...OMG she has "woman parts" that I forget to take into acount. From Nana she recieved the softest purple (her fav color) scarf

My Dear Man gecieved several gifts. DS and DD#3 each got him a nice thermal long sleeve shirt. DD#2 got him a gift card for I tunes....yea for music. His mother got him a Steelers sweatshirt. From me...well, we agreeded not to get each other gifts since we do so much for each other all through the year.

Nana opened many presents. From  TX she recieved a cool coco mix from Starbucks and a tin of their cocoa mix. From DD#2 she recieved her favorite thing...a bag of mixed Hershey's choclate candies. My DM and I got her a gift card for her favorite spa, and a calander that has pictures from Scotland.

I recieved some awesome gifts. DD#2 found me some lovely Lavander Smelling bath products and candles. My favorite scent! DS got me a wonderful floor lamp with an adjustable reading arm. I love it! DD#3 got me two new wall signs. They are part of the set started last year by DS. My kids are sooooo Awesome!!!!! My gift from Nana was a nice Wallyworld card. Got to look for a bargain on a new TV for the family room. The one we have now is way to small for the expanded living area; it makes my eyes hurt if I watch it from my chair.

All in all, we had a lovely day! Good food, even the critters got some Ham for Christmas. I must say however nice the day has been, I am really glad that this day is coming to an end. The preperation has been tough and my body aches. It was all worth it to see the enjoyment in the eyes of my kids. For the first time I have been able to get the kids some really great gifts that I know they will enjoy!!!!!

I hope that your Christmas was a joyful day! Enjoy the rest of 2010 with your loved ones.

Joyous Blessings to you all.

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve. Family is nice to reconnect with...especially when you are the one hosting! Not having to travel was nice. I was busy all week baking cookies and taking time to finish up a few special gifties. (I have plenty of sweets to hold us til the New Year).

I hope that everyone out in Bloglandia has a Joyous Holiday. May your gatherings be filled with happiness and your tummies with good food. Blessings of the season to you all.