"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

September 30, 2011

Blog hopping and some stitchie finishes..No pics though

Merry Meet!

I have been doing a lot of blog hopping and reading lately. I know that i have not been posting very much about my many hobbies, but that is because life has been a bit crazy. I have finished a few different cross stitch items.

My favorite has been "Celtic Christmas" designed by Lavender and Lace. I love the colors in it and it swas a nice simple stitch for me. I started it July 14th and finished it September 9th. Yes both in 2011. I really love the look of it. I made two changes to the pattern. 1.) I did the face 1 over 1 because I felt that it looked smoother and blended better. 2.) I added a few extra beads around the outside boarder. I wanted to put my own stamp on it and i had so many beads left

I also finished up a Quaker Sampler that I sort of made up on the go. I have several different patterns and I wanted to make my own design. It is stitched 1 over 1 on linen that I had left over from another project (not sure of the manufacturer or the count). Since there is so much repeating between the patterns I just sort of pulled the ones that I like to stitch from about 4 different ones. I like how it came out.

I have also been working on "Quaker Halloween Sampler" by Cherished Stitches. Once again I am making it my own by using a bunch of different threads that make me feel "Holloweenie". so far I really like it. Once again it is a bit of fabric that I have owned for a long time. It is a Charles Craft that looks like Burlap. I am also stitching it 1 over 1. I do not know what colors I have been using, but they are all DMC 6 strand embroidery floss.

So that's what I have been stitching. I will post some pictures as soon as I get a new camera. The old one has breathed its last and been put to rest.

Merry Part,

September 23, 2011

I found another site that I have been devouring!  The authoress is so talented not only in her designs, but also in how she finishes her work. Pop over and give it a loook

September 3, 2011

Trying something new

I have been wanting to learn appliqué for a long time now. I took the plunge and bought a few blocks from the JoAnn's old block of the month on clearance. I am working on the 6th block of the "Tulip Twist" collection.

For this being my first ever attempt at this technique I am not to disappointed at how it is coming out. I will improve as I continue to work on this. I will post photos as soon as I can get to my computer.