"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

August 14, 2010

out of commision for a while

Where have the months gone? It seems like Summer has slipped by. I have been so busy with things around here that I have not had time to post anything.
DS has passed his driver's education class. He can now take his test to get his license. YIKES! When did I get old enough for him to be driving?

DD#1 is still overseas in Afghanistan. She is doing well. I get at least one message from her a week, just to let me know that she is ok. Thank god for Text Messages. I don't know how my grandma and ma did it when they had loved ones overseas and they were waiting for a letter.

DD#2 is now working 2 jobs. She cane and asked us if she could get a puppy. After much discussion we said yes. On Monday we will be going to pick up Mandrake (who will be known as Drake) the Min-Pin. It will be interesting to see how Jack and Smokey take to the new family member.

DD#3 is driving me nuts. She has multi-colored hair and although it sets my teeth on edge I keep reminding myself that hair grows....eventually.

My SM is busy with work and doing the finishing of the baseboards and trim upstairs. I will have a new Craft Room within a week!!!!!!!

Me??? Well I have been busy getting Ma moved up here from NC and settled in. Doctor's appointments and such to get her set up and taking care of all the things that go along with moving. I am exhausted. Beyond that I have been busy in the garden. I will try to post pics in a few days.

Well, I have done NO stitching, quilting, drawing...etc. over the last few months. To busy with running everyone where they need to be. I am looking forward to school starting again, then I can get some things done. First I will need to set up my new craft/sewing room. I am so looking forward to having a dedicated place to do my thing. It will be a first. No more packing things up and having to unpack them to work. YEAH!!!!!!!