"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

October 25, 2010

A Halloween Finish

I have been doing very little stitching lately. The work we have been doing on the house has taken up so much of my time; I have been doing very little of anything.

One of the things that I did make time to work on is a cute fall table runner that I designed and stitched up one weekend.  I like the colors and the way that they felt stitched up. I will probably do a few more of these type of projects. I really enjoyed the whole process.

Here are a few pics:

This runner was just something I dreamed up. I hope that you like it.

The fabric is felt and the threads are DMC. I am not sure of the colors as I have been trying to use up the loose floss that I am finding as I continue to sort through the things in my craft room. I blanket stitched the leaves and pumpkin sections down and then did the detail stitches using backstitch.

Thanks for checking it out