"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

November 10, 2009

some of my work

I am going to attempt to add photos to this page. I am still working out how to do all of this. Please be patient with me.

To the right is my first attempt at Chicken Scratch. I picked the wrong color (to light a blue) for it to show up very well, but I figured that even my oops' are a learning experience. Most of these are just areas that I stitched to see if I liked the pattern.

The photo (below left is the next area on my Gingham. I switched colors (DMC floss, not sure of the color as it was in my floss drawer as a tangled mess. 2 strands) and am much happier with the looks of it. I am still not completely satisfied with the way that the floss is laying in my woven areas,

I have been enjoying the time I have spent stitching my chicken scratch. I hope that if anyone likes it they will drop me a post. Also and suggestions as to how to improve the way that the floss is laying would be greatly appreciated.

Hope that everyone "in your neck of the woods" is healthy and happy. (I apologize now to my English Professor. I still use way to many euphemisms.)

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