"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

January 11, 2010

Long Extended Weekend

I had all of the kiddlets here at one point or another this weekend. It was nice for me since I was able to find some one-on-one time with all four of them. This does not happen very often!

With the 21yo DD up at Fort Drum (about 80 miles from home) I see her less and less often as she is starting to spread her wings and soar. She is enjoying her job and has settled into a routine (something that she sorely needed).

The 19yo DD is trying to spend some time with her bf. She will have very little time over the next few weeks. She started her internship for Dental Hygenest.  I expected her home around 5:oopm, but she texted me to letme know that the dentist had asked her to stay for an emergency visit. I was impressed that he put this much trust in her after only one day. When she finally did get home she was glowing and exhausted. LOL I would be dead if I had been on my feet for 12 plus hours.

The 16yo DS actually had this evening free. And to top it off, he actually had a conversation with me! I almost passed out! Teen-aged boys always have been a mystery to me.

The 14yo DD texted me after school. (She lives with her father) She wanted to tell me about her day...I wonder if there is something in the water around here???? We texted back and forth for over an hour (Again...be still my heart!!!!) We actually talked about "things" and did not get on one anothers nerves...We are definately to much alike at times. I think that the texting is a good way for us to communicate...Makes us think about what we are saying...No heated exchange of unintended words.

The SM (Sweet Man) left early this AM to return to his education. It makes the house really quiet when he leaves. He will be done with his Bachlors in Mechanical/Production  Engineering in May and we are both ready for graduation. ?He had a short day today, but tomorrow he will be in classes from 9-9, what a schedule. Even with breaks it is a long day.

Me...I spent most of the day sipping Tea and stitching as my ctitters lounged about the house. I have finished more of the snowmen blocks for the wall hanging but am being lazy about posting the pics. I promise I will have them up tomorrow.  For now it is off to slumberland.

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