"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

February 10, 2010

Well, its about time...

A few weeks ago I won a give away from Shell at Tales from the Raspberry Rabbit.  I have been having such a hard time with electronics that I have not gotten around to posting the pics that I took.  Well, I am going to remedy that right now! So with no further delay, here is Mr Rabbit.

I am showing him in three different locations because I am having a hard time choosing his permanent home. I would love to hear what others think. : )

On a different track, I an SOOOOO sick of snow. Here in Syracuse, NY we have had snow on the ground for three months now. We have had at least trace amounts of snow every day since Christmas. For the most part is is just enough to be annoying. If I have to leave the house I ahve to sweep the snow off the car before I leave. After I get done (shopping at Hobby Lobby or Jo-Anns) I have to sweep the snow off again. ARGH!!!!!

So I figured that I would share a few snow pics with you all (well, maybe some day I will have a follower). 
This is what I have been dealing with. This bit of snow fell between 8:00 and 9:00 am.

I can tell that it fell between those times because DD#2 left for work at 7:35am and this is her empty parking space.

These three views are the view of my yard. There are only two houses back here in the woods, you can barely see my neighbor's house in the last photo.

Oh Well, I really should not complain. (I'll be knocking on wood as I say, Type?, this next bit) We have not lost power and for the first time in many a year we did not run out of wood for the wood burning furnace.  I have plenty of food and know that if anything did happen we would be warm and cosy. After all one of the big perks about having a wood burning furnace is that if all else fails I can cook on top of it (it would need to be something I normally make in the crock-pot, but it is possible).

Well, I have bent your ear for long enough. I hope you all have a good day, and as you stitch may your threads stay knot free.


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