"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

August 3, 2011

Let's try this Again!!!

Ok, I'll admit it...I am a BAD blogger! I have had so much on my plate that I just spaced on updating anything!  So do you wanna see what I have been doing?

Well, your gonna anyway...LOL

we had to clear out the basement and storage areas

all the old broken mowers, rusty metal bits and broken bits and pieces so that we could

end up with storage for camping gear, canning suplies and misc. other things.
It amazes me how much stuff we pulled out of the basement and crawlspaces of the house. we ended up taking two trailers and three truck fuls of "STUFF" away..Why you ask???? We had to make room for ......

Our NEW heater!!!
 Our NEW HEATER!!!!  That meant that we had to have the old one and the old oil tanks taken out.

While all that was going on we also had projects going on outside:

We put in a new kitchen window as well as a matching livingroom window. Notice the UGLY gray siding? Well all of that was taken down...

And we put up new vinyl siding..It is a NAPCO product. The color is "Heather"

I LUV, LUV,LUV this color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now notice that the basement walls are all peeling and chipping...We fixed that and also put in some lovely new flower beds........

The kids and their friends were a great help! they did all of the digging and removal of grass, turned the soil and tilled in soil ammendments (read that as "stinky manure"). then they helped me to move all the flowers that you see from the various beds around the property. We finished filling the beds with wood chips and watered thouroughly. WHEW!!! All this work took months to complete because of the Rainy Wet and Chilly SPRING we had in Syracuse!!!

Why did we do all of this work?  My DS graduated from HS and we were trying to get things ready for his graduation party. My family drove out from Minnesota and we wanted to have everything finished! We did get it done in time for the party, but we were working straight through until the evening of his graduation ceremony! i have never been so exhausted as I was after all of this craziness!

The week after the DS graduated was spent in cleaning up and packing for my big move. I did absolutely no stitching during all of this. I also did not get any blog reading done. When I did open my reader the other day I had 4500+posts to read!!! Can you say Skip and start over!

So like my header says...Lets try again!

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